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Innovation in Financial Services, Insurance, and Real Estate is Our Core Focus

Thinking.Studio is a specialist software consulting firm for financial services, insurance and property-related industries, based in sydney Australia.

For over a decade Thinking.Studio have worked with startups, global corporations, financial institutions and the Australian federal government to deliver novel engineering and user experience design solutions to solve even the most demanding challenges.

Thinking.Studio deliver innovation projects by working with you to clarify the business and customer outcome and then applies world-leading design and technology solutions to achieve it.

This approach helps you start solving the right problems quickly, deliver value, and scale with confidence.

The same world-leading best practises Thinking.Studio use for delivering innovation is also used for managing technical risk.

Thinking.Studio apply their exacting design and engineering standards to help clients up-skill their in-house development teams, manage difficult vendors, and understand exposure when making investments or acquisitions.

word class solutions
for world class clients

The Dealmaker's Guide to Tech Risk
Four questions that can mitigate your technical risk. services

User Experience

  • Analysis and Design
  • Interactive Prototyping
  • User Reseach
  • Facilitation and Training

Software Development

  • System Architecture Design
  • Android and iOS Mobile Apps
  • Web Applications
  • Java/Javascript/PHP/.Net

intellectual property

  • R&D and Patent Applications
  • Deep Learning and AI
    (TensorFlow and Watson)
  • Payments and Compliance

Technical Risk

  • Code Review Package
    (Quality, Security, Capability)
  • Best Practices Training
  • Remediation and Salvage

examples of our work

Financial Services

As the pressure to innovate has increased in the financial services sector, Thinking.Studio have successfully worked in partnership with several major financial institutions in Australia to develop protoype solutions or extend on internal user experience and technical capability.

  • design of on-premise 'conduit' technology to stream encrypted data from customer business systems to bank-managed data cloud
  • design and implementation of despoke security and authentication platforms
  • working with internal risk and IT groups to navigate APRA reviews and approvals
  • integration with core-banking and non-core banking systems
  • deep integration with third party platforms such as XPlan and Xero
  • building a proof of concept working mobile applications


While the insurance sector has a mature base of technology solutions, the focus on user experience design to augment the capacity of brokers to serve more prospective customers is breaking new ground. Thinking.Studio has successfully transformed the user experience of insurance broking to much industry acclaim.

  • collaborative solution design sessions with stakeholders
  • reimagined user experience and interface redesign of sophisticated existing technology platforms
  • user persona development through interviews and facilitated workshops
  • technical capability assessment to align user experience design and existing technology capability
  • user experience coaching for internal developers and business analysts (through Thinking.School)

Real Estate

The real-estate sector is a traditional relationship-driven sales business undergoing massive disruption from technology over a reasonably short period of time. Thinking.Studio have supported both sales and strata management sectors to navigate rapid digital transformation of their business processes with confidence.

  • code-reviews of platforms prior to investment
  • deep integration with business management systems
  • user persona development through interviews and facilitated workshops
  • user experience design and ui direction
  • team agile coaching and adoption (through Thinking.School)


While the popularity of startups doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon, Thinking.Studio have over a decade of successful experience working and developing startups in the United States and Australia; as new businesses, and also within corporate incubation environments.

  • outsourced CTO role providing research and technical direction
  • research and development including technology patents
  • rapid development of 'minimum viable product' while building an IP asset (not disposable code)
  • designing and implementing large scale interactive environments
  • seamless desktop to mobile user experience design and technical implementation
  • sophisticated integrations with AI, Image Processing, Social, Mapping, Logistics, Banking, and Accounting systems

The Dealmaker's Guide to Tech Risk
Four questions that can mitigate your technical risk.

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