Old Software. New Experience.

In business applications, the core logic is often ‘fit for purpose’ – it works, it’s complex, and it has had years being refined.

The place where business applications really show their age is in the ‘user experience’ – the ways in which employees, suppliers and customers interact with them every day.

User experiences of today’s ‘apps’ are leaving corporate line of business applications further and further behind. Modern apps look great, they are easy to use, and they don’t require training or user manuals.

The problem that businesses face today is that employees, suppliers and consumers compare today’s polished ‘apps’ with the company developed application – and their tolerance of poor ‘user experience’ diminishes by the day.

So how can you deliver a fresh, compelling experience for employees, suppliers or consumers without having to rewrite everything? How do you go about developing a new user experience on existing code?

This month we have launched a white-paper to get you years more out of your business application investments, while at the same time having employees, suppliers and customers that love the experience of your digital brand.

Click here to download it.


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