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Weekly Journal: Week 8, 2019

Last week was mostly spent refactoring Python code to add a set of features that use external data. A little annoying as I had to go through integrating a couple of other search engines before I found a workable solution using Bing Web Search API. It’s super easy to manage (through Azure dashboard) and the performance is excellent. I wrote a little Python wrapper for it and plugged it into our keyword engine and it’s working great.

Weekly Journal: Week 2, 2019

Last week was interesting – I had a bunch of things going on at once and all of them were kind of interesting. In fact, it would not be hard to write a full essay on each of these.

Weekly Journal: Week 1, 2019

I decided I would share weekly insights with you as a way to reflect on the week that was. I felt like there is so much we do every week that could be discussed, shared, considered further. I wanted a place for that to happen and so this is it…


Getting Data in the Enterprise

So many organisations today struggle with their data. The world of big data, analytics and predictive modelling is so attractive, yet, the perceived complexity of achieving a data nirvana is so great that data projects either spiral out of control or never start. So how can you get a handle on your current data, whip it into shape and start using it?

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