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Fish Bones Fixing User Experience

Often when we are brought in to fix a poor user experience it is because there has been a set of complex business processes codified into a technical solution.

This article demonstrates a visual tool we use called the ‘reverse fishbone’ to illustrate a critical path and simplify user experience.

Three Radical Ideas to Simplify Cybersecurity

Over the last few months, we have been going through the ISO27001 certification process. This is a certification for information security and it includes culture, process and practises of the business to ensure that data and systems are secure and fault-tolerant. Just like seeing everyone driving around in the same car, I started seeing the same security issues everywhere I looked.


Writing a Great Business Case

In this article, I will show you the six power tools you can use in developing a compelling business case:

  • Strategic alignment
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • The Business Model Canvas
  • Monte-Carlo Simulations
  • Risk Registers
  • Telling It Like a Story

Three Skills to Understand B2B UX.

It seems designing a fresh new start-up or blue-sky innovation project gets all the limelight in the media these days, meanwhile, globally, companies spend (conservatively) somewhere around US$60B on custom-built applications every year, and this trend continued in an upward trajectory for decades.

The problem is that these applications have long lifespans, and tend not to age gracefully. People’s expectations of user-experiences are so far from what these applications offer, yet the investment in the underlying technology is high and the business processes these systems encapsulate can be very complex. So how do you effectively go about redesigning the user experience of a legacy system?

This post shows three ways you can use Design Thinking to better understand how and why you should redesign the user experience of your legacy applications.


Reading List

These are books I have read and either loved entirely or at least found some gems inside.


Recruiting Great IT, Design & Software Engineering Talent

Over the past 15 years, Thinking.Studio has been extremely fortunate to have some exceptional talent. So in writing this post, I thought it would make sense to share what I believe are some key contributing factors to recruiting excellent experienced IT, design, and software engineering talent.


The Dealmaker’s Guide To Tech Risk

Four questions that reveal insights into any software business to mitigate your risk.

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