Secure Design Patterns featured on The Cyberwire

Humbled that our ongoing research into Secure UX design patterns is being featured on The Cyberwire.

Check it out here:

In today’s podcast, we hear that North Korea has gone big with GhostSecret. Meanwhile, Pyongyang’s elite tries to cover its online tracks. PyRoMine uses EternalRomance to disable security systems enroute to cryptomining. Russia enagages in video disinformation about Syrian nerve agent attacks. A complicated alt-coin heist may be misdirection for something bigger. Huawei may be in trouble over Iran sanctions. Apple patches. Europol takes down Webstresser. General Nakasone confirmed as Director NSA and Commander US CyberCom. Daniel Prince from Lancaster University on security in the financial sector. Guest is Joe Cincotta from Thinking Studio on how smart design leads to better security. – See more at:

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