Weekly Journal: Week 10, 2019

Last week felt like I got nothing done, however in retrospect, a lot got done.

I have been bringing on a new business development team, and working through the process of training has forced me to focus on and refine a lot of the positioning I have worked on for Thinking.Studio up to this point. Taking the time to reflect and sharpen brand messaging is obvious, but oft-overlooked. In this business, I have always struggled with our multidisciplinary nature and how to communicate that distinct advantage to someone in the elevator.

Tuesday I was in Melbourne for the day – it was excellent to meet up with some great people and get inspired. It was a very long day, that turned even longer when a passenger decided to leave the plane after it had been completely boarded. The poor flight attendants were panicking trying to make sure the passenger that ran off had not left a little ‘gift’ behind – which of course was done while trying to remain as calm as possible to ensure all the passengers didn’t freak out. Eventually, they had to get everyone off – sweep the plane and then get everyone back on. Thankfully we didn’t need to stay the night… by the time I got home, let’s say I was ready for bed.

Most of the week ended up being me catching up with people and getting inspired – which is why I love doing what I do.

I have had fondness for the University of Wollongong my whole life as I basically grew up there – my Father started teaching there back in 1976, my Mother did her PhD there, I roamed the campus for many a school-vacation, and when it was my time, I did both of my degrees there too – so now I am really pleased to continue to participate in the life of UOW as part of the Advisory Committee for the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences, and also for the School of Computer Science and Information Technology. Now that school is back, I am planning to do some guest lectures based on some of the material I had developed for Thinking.School – so I should be down there next week doing something a little different! Really looking forward to giving this lecture – will share notes.

Data Science project had progressed somewhat slowly last week – I just felt something of a fog on my ability to really make progress. This happens sometimes when I am really focused on other things like I was this week… However it came good on Saturday and Sunday when I was able to crack a big chunk of issues that were annoying me and make some real progress. I also was scoping out some new ideas with a client last week that will be a lot of fun to implement on the new platform, adding training set creation and forward and back propagation for training neural networks into the pipeline Green put together will be super-cool.

My Karate training suffered a little last week – I was so exhausted after Tuesday, it took me a day of no training and then, between kids activities, I had to improvise and squeeze in training wherever I could for the rest of the week. Thankfully, I did get out for a lovely surf on Sunday with Iwan. Nothing like discussing hacking while surfing…

Finally, here are a couple of security videos that I really liked from last week:

This is one of the best security videos I have seen lately.

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