Weekly Journal: Week 11, 2019

Well hello there… just checking in on last week? It started with continuing the team performance reviews. This quarter I am using Enable HR and it’s actually really great for undertaking reviews. I have generally used the review process prescribed by Andy Grove in his classic book High Output Management – this approach is closely matched by the Enable HR software. I also use the One Page Strategic Plan from Verne Harnish to help define the objectives and performance indicators that are then used in the OKR’s in the review process. So far, so good…

This week I stumbled across this great video from the Game Developers Conference on Procedural Design – this is a concept I have long been aware of from the PC demoscene – with the likes of mind-blowing 64K demonstrations like The Timeless. What was interesting about this talk was the transition to ‘offline proceduralism’ – that is, transitioning the offline workflow to be made of a pipeline of operations rather than ‘designing assets’. This is very similar to the work we are doing at the moment with the data science pipeline – however, when you think about this with creative I kind of see the future of advertising. Pretty much everything that goes on in design studios today could be pipelined procedurally and companies could save hundreds of millions in global production costs.

Tonight I am giving a guest lecture for a postgrad computer science class at UOW. I spent some time working on a class that would be as relevent as possible for a bunch of graduates in Research Project and professional Practice. I came up with: “The Skills to pay the Bills.” which is a few key concepts to keep in mind when entering the workforce. I will share next week.

Other activities this week – working with clients and the team on getting latest projects live, updates to marketing and working with the sales team and also spent a day working on solution design for a new project.

Ongoing work on the Data Science modular pipeline – defined a JSON scripting language and refactoring all the modules to support the new approach.

Heavy Karate focus on the evenings at the start of the week – training for at least an hour every night, I felt fantastic by the time Thursday came around…

Friday night was spent with the DEFAME crew, hanging out, watching demos and working on my new little AI project – I also had the pleasure of meeting a musical legend Jeroen Tel. Spent quite some time talking and listening to his unreleased tunes. Gosh, I remember listening to his music back in the 1980’s.

Have a great week!


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