Weekly Journal: Week 12, 2019

Kind of felt like nothing got done last week – however now I need to write about it, a lot got done…

ISO 27001

We are going through compliance reviews and I thought it would make things easier if we had ISO certification – especially in information security. So I started the journey of going for ISO 27001 compliance. I will let you know how this turns out.

Intercom training

I set up Intercom for one of our clients last week and went through some training with them on how to use it, how to train chatbots, etc. I have to say – it’s a polished piece of work. Interestingly, Intercom are only just starting to get into the Australian market. It’s about the same price as other real-time support and help-desk platforms that are out there but I would have to say it is probably the best price to performance out there.


Finally finished Computer Architecture with the Raspberry Pi. Started reading “Refactoring” by Martin Fowler. Started reading “The Curse of Bigness” by Tim Wu – which is American-centric, but still insightful. Still working through a few other books at the moment – especially “The Untold History of the United States” which is – huge – so I am pacing myself on that one.

University Lecture

I delivered a lecture at the start of last week to a room full of postgraduate informatics students. What I found interesting was that there were a few areas I thought would be common knowledge that was just – not. The biggest one was in the domain of psychology – namely cognitive biases and thinking tools. Both of these areas are critical to understanding complex environments and human behavior – which, counter-intuitively are intrinsic to the domain of information technology and computer science. From user–experience, to business analysis to computer security – I would have expected mechanisms that help in understanding human behavior and complex environments would be essential – however, it isn’t.

I am working on a set of lectures for undergraduate classes – see how that goes.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to edit the audio from the lecture yet… however, I did find this excellent article when I was putting the notes together for the lecture: Cognitive Bias cheat sheet

Was down the ‘Gong again on Thursday chairing the advisory committee for the School of Computer Science as well – so been clocking up some miles.

Videos from last Week

Just. Wow. Checking out what this game engine can do after 20 years of evolution is astounding!

I was wondering, what ever happened to the VPL DataGlove from the 90’s? Why don’t we use this with modern VR? Well, I don’t have the answer to that question – but I do now know a little more about the history of the DataGlove!

While Australian financial services technology infrastructure is nowhere near as backwards as the United States, this is still worth watching.

This new X1 Extreme ThinkPad from Lenovo was interesting.

Karate and Exercise

Due to conflicting work schedules, I had to forego my usual Karate training last week, so I was doing a lot of training around the house. On Wednesday night I did manage to get out and went to a park by the beach to train. There are no lights at this park, so it was just the moonlight, the sound of the ocean and me. Awesome session.

Had a dawn surf with Iwan on Sunday morning. Paddling out in black water is fantastic – quiet and empty. Within an hour of the sun rising it was absolutely packed and the waves would have been two feet tall if you’re lucky. Probably the worst waves I have seen all year, however, the sunrise was magnificent and the conversation was great.


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