Weekly Journal: Week 13, 2019

Newsletter and New Blog Post

Released issue 18 of the Thinking.Studio Partner Newsletter. With the newsletter goes a monthly blog post. This month’s blog post is about understanding B2B UX – which is really different from most B2C UX as:

  1. the processes are usually much more complex, and;
  2. the user is probably going to be using the system very often

This post is the first in a bigger series of posts that I hope to eventually turn into a whitepaper on the B2B UX lifecycle.

Jira Support Desk

Spent way too much time setting up a combination of systems for our support capabilities. A key part of this was Jira Support Desk. I quite like this new solution from Atlassian – and we run our entire business on Jira, so being able to run our support function efficiently from within Jira as well is a bonus.


Early last week I was busy writing a bunch of CFPs (Call for Paper) for conferences in the US and Australia – and late last week we were accepted for the Sydney EMERGING TEST AUTOMATION AND DIGITAL INFLUENCE IN QA and the Melbourne OPEN SOURCE AND SOFTWARE TESTING conferences based on the work by our Technical Director, Gelin Luo on declarative testing in Act.Framework. We are so delighted. I will share more information on these conferences as the dates are closer.

Old School BBS Action

I had 30 minutes to turn on my old Commodore 64 and use the Wifi Modem to connect to some old bulletin boards that are now on telnet – BBS software is kind of like a primitive equivalent of having a web server. Many of these old boards are being run on original 1980’s hardware as well! So if you too feel the need to ‘dial in’ to someone else’s Commodore 64, you can find a list of these old boards here: http://cbbsoutpost.servebbs.com/

Marketing – Guy Kawasaki and Steve Jobs

One big thing I did last week was focus on our marketing to complement the work of the sales team. This started with me watching an old Steve Jobs video – around the time he came back to Apple after starting NEXT. This video really captured Steve’s understanding of marketing. This also resonated with me a lot. One of the longest running issues we have faced as a business is a challenge of explaining what we do since it feels like we do so much. Then I spent some time watching Guy Kawasaki – seeing how he speaks – to understand how he finds clarity in communication of complex ideas. He was talking about his experience working with Steve Jobs when he was at Apple. It was great.

Since watching these I have been inspired to update the Thinking.Studio home page and now, we are working on the Solutions section of the website to make our explanations more tangible and real to non-technical customers.


I spent last week training about 8 hours on a damaged Achilles and it was not pleasant. Also competed on Friday night in a local tournament – something I have not done in nearly a decade – so Saturday was spent convalescing.


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