Weekly Journal: Week 14, 2019

Case Studies and Website Updates

Most of the week was consumed developing case studies, as I have been working on applying for Thinking.Studio to participate on the Australian Federal Government Digital Marketplace.

As I had been working on this content, I also put that towards website updates, so you can check out the new Industry Segments and Solution sections of the Thinking.Studio website.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance has always been an issue for large listed companies, however, I have known that it has always been the redheaded stepchild when it comes to technology. It’s either all sitting in MS Office documents or it’s an abomination of an SAP module nobody understands or uses.

I have known Lisa from The Governance Collective for over 10 years and this year we started working on a modern corporate governance solution that would be able to simplify creation, distribution, compliance and audit aspects of CG for corporate clients.

We did the first few demos of our new Corporate Governance solution last week, and it was received with great enthusiasm. We’re working on refining the prototype with corporate partners.


As part of our ongoing work with large corporate clients, especially in the financial services space, we need to ensure that we can provide them with the confidence that they need across their entire supply chain when it comes to information security.

I spent some time last week working with our new compliance partner to ensure that we are able to get out ISO27001 information security certification this year. From the initial gap analysis, it feels like we’re pretty close already.

Monitoring Time and Internet Usage

I was asked by a lovely client last week if I knew of any solutions for managing internet usage by staff – and I do! So I thought I would share this with you too…

Timedoctor is more ‘active’ – where you can also use this to have users log time (I like this tool) it’s great for optimising your personal productivity – so its more about helping people stay focussed in a holistic way, however, it can monitor everything, including which programs are being used and it can also take photos of you via the webcam to make sure you are at your desk.


PFSense using NTopNG – this solution does not require any software installed on user computers or phones and it allows you to see aggregate reports for each user. There is a little work involved to ensure you have the IT guys allocate network addresses to specific users PC’s – however, once this is done, you can then map every host IP address to a user in the office. It’s also FREE so there are zero costs associated with this solution other than the consulting in configuration. I have used PFSense since 2010 and it has been rock solid since day one. You can install it on a cheap low-end server and it will work very very well for a full office – I had 50 web developers working in a warehouse using a single server running PFSense with excellent results.


Finance and OPSP

Working on the financial models for FY2020 at the moment. We also do the “Rockerfeller Habits” and use the One Page Strategic Plan, so last week was getting together the numbers and building forecasts for Q4FY19 as well.


Last week was a rest week. I had some injuries that needed to heal and I had to get some scans done – so I did a few hours in the Dojo on Monday and then mostly night training at the beach on my own or weights. Feeling surprisingly good this morning… Ready for another week of training hard.

Night Out with the Boys

I don’t really go out since I don’t normally drink at all, and I’m not really that social – so this was something quite out of the ordinary for me… I went out on Saturday night(!) with my good friends Iwan and Dexter – as Dex is getting married next week, it was a very PG and low key night out… It was a great night. I met Dex’s (awesome) friends, had a great dinner, many laughs, and went to a fun club in Surry Hills. Good times…


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