Weekly Journal: Week 16, 2019

Strategic Planning

Monday we had our quarterly planning day and we spent some time on refining our 3-5 year goals from what we had learned over the last 12 months as well as flowing that down into next years objectives. I had a few days of meditating and having moments of having absolute clarity of the objectives – actually, it was more of a contrast seeing the ‘not clarity’ of the current objectives and how we needed to tweak them. The team agreed, but holy cow – when it came to the how they were miles ahead of me. Some great ideas and constructive discussions made the session so worthwhile. I think we all walked away with clarity and inspiration. 

UOW Course Review session

Was really pleased to spend some time working with the academic staff in the School of Computer Science and Information Technology at the University of Wollongong discussing ideas for the direction of their undergraduate degree programs. It really makes you think about the trajectory of current technologies as well as the strengths of the team and institution to try and find the best areas to focus on. Given their strength in cybersecurity, there is plenty of fertile ground to explore.

Prep for Test Conference

Gelin just pushed his tech-demo for the testing conference we’re presenting at and walked me through it. I just love how he has identified the redundant areas of the software development process and essentially transformed them using Act.Framework. If you take a look at the Act examples, you can see how now the simple use of annotations and comments in your code can be used to dynamically generate interactive documentation. Who needs Swagger??! 


The usual marketing and hustle was ongoing – great progress working with the sales team, client meetings, and ongoing website refinement. It has been a really rewarding experience to ask for feedback and get such helpful responses from industry friends. I started making websites for Pixolut back in 1996 – and while in the early days they were just technical demonstrations of the cutting edge of Javascript code, once I started using the website as a reflection of what we do – design and copywriting for it became really hard. I think we’re closer now than ever to have a really sharp reflection of what we actually do. Started working on the next newsletter and post in the UX design series. That will continue this week.


Over the last couple of years, I had built a video editing workstation for Thinking School which was pretty beefy – I finally brought the workstation into the city office to use as my daily machine. Feels weird not using the laptop as much now. Its strange how much time you can lose in getting a machine set up :/  


Nothing special to report, just keep polishing the kata and they feel good – but working through tendon injury for the last month or so has been super painful and does affect the quality of delivery. Still fitting in the fitness sessions… had a couple of days off over the Easter weekend as we had family time and my injuries were happy for a rest. Back into it with a few hours of kumite tonight to make up for the rest!


Every year, some of the best of the best in the demoscene compete at Revision. This year was no exception – check out the videos of what I thought were the best competitions this year; Amiga with the mind-blowing entry from The Black Lotus and PC 64KB with entries from Logicoma, LJ & Alcatraz.


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