Weekly Journal: Week 17, 2019

Easter Show

Last week I went to the Royal Easter Show for the first time ever. Kind of cool to experience it with the teenagers, go on a few rides and experience the gala show on the last night.

Accepted to Abstractions Conference

I submitted an outline for a paper at a conference in the United States thinking there was a low chance they would pick someone from Australia to speak. Apparently, people want to know about designing user experiences for legacy software! See you at Abstractionsin August!

Job Description

I started putting together a job description for a new role at Thinking.Studio – Test Automation and Dev Ops Engineer – not an easy combination, but excited to be hiring a new role for the team.


I went away to Phillip Island for a long weekend with my wife who was working on a job. While she was busy I spent the day writing a long-form article on power tools for writing great business cases. I wrote this piece as this is one of the areas I have seen as being really challenging for clients I have worked with in the past. In retrospect, there could have been a ‘power tool’ on testing and strategies for case validation as well.


I like to travel with a ‘disposable’ computer when it’s not a business trip – so a while ago I got a super cheap second hand Acer Chromebook. I bought a 128GB SD Card and set up ‘Crouton‘ which essentially lets you put standard Linux on a Chromebook without having to completely root it. It’s a great solution – Chromebooks are built so toughly – for simple coding, email and web browsing they do a great job. I have fallen in love with my chRooted Chromebook. I had some troubles with previous versions of Crouton and power management when using XWindows on my chroot environment, however, the latest update seems to have fixed this and now it works great!


A few hours of ongoing work on the new version of the Python Data Processing Pipeline. Also started working on an entry for the Flashback wild compo – top secret!

Phillip Island Wedding

Met some really nice people over the last few days.

It can be quite intimidating to go to a wedding for two people who you don’t know – and yes, it was initially, but I found that by helping everyone out at the start I got to meet a few people and by the time the reception came around it felt like I already knew everybody – by the time we left the island we were friends. It was a lovely ceremony and evening meeting so many interesting people. The next couple of days we got to explore Phillip Island, which is just stunning. The highlight of the touring has to be seeing hundreds of Fairy Penguins come ashore at dusk. Just incredible Australian nature at its finest.


Last week was fantastic – 4 hours of dojo sparring and another few hours of Kata training. Loved every second of it… even managed to do some kata on the beach in the rain while on Phillip Island. Beautiful.


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