Weekly Journal: Week 19, 2019

Last week was a heavy focus on working on our conference papers – I can’t say much more than this right now, but they are coming along. Hustle as usual emailing, calling, following up clients to keep things moving in the Studio. We had to set up an OpenVPN server which was easy, yet annoying. Took 30 minutes to set up, 4 hours to find the one configuration parameter that needed to be changed for everything to work. So Linux. Great progress on our other top secret project as well. Hm, these journals are getting more obscure every week.

Weekend was mostly family time with kids activities and Sunday being Australian Mother’s Day – however in the background I was working on a programming competition entry for Flashback. Right now, I am working on high-speed fixed-point math on the 6502 CPU. It’s not *that* hard, but I found the hardest part of it is finding the best way to translate floating point numbers from the PC to 24bit fixed-point signed numbers on the C64 in such a way that all the ‘rest of the math’ works. I can’t say what the ‘rest of the math’ is quite yet – but I think I have an easy solution.

Reflections from last week: being prepared versus taking time to recover. There is no answer to this conundrum… when you let your body recover from injury or stress, you take rest. This rest is essential – but there is a fine balance – too much rest and your fitness and preparedness declines. Too little and the same thing happens – or worse, injuries just never heal or get worse. Vigilance is the balance between rest and training. It’s the long game with an eye on the short term.


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