Weekly Journal: Week 21, 2019

Last week I was still recovering from being sick, but it was a massive hustle week. Very busy on the work front developing proposals and getting projects happening.

Tomorrow is the first of the Act.Framework Declarative Testing talks we are giving – this is super exciting. Have been inspired by Byan Cantrill who I find totally relatable as a speaker…

We got our Yubico YubiKeys and have started migrating everyone to multi-factor authentication. I am trying to get some time to start testing out things like using the YubiKey for managing SSH keys and even PGP keys! Ultimately I would like to have everyone using FlowCrypt with PGP keys on the YubiKey to make working in Australia a bit more secure.

Flashback is in two weeks and I met up with the organisation team on Friday night. Great to see everyone and see how things are heating up. Visited the venue and it’s fantastic – located about 5 minutes walk from Redfern station. Really looking forward to this year’s event. Check out some of the activities:

  • We have music, graphics and multiple coding competitions
  • There is a retro museum with loads of nostalgic hardware
  • This year we have retro-gaming compos on the big screen
  • A demoscene documentary called ‘How to be a Demoscene King‘ is having debut screening at the event
  • There is also fireside chats with your favourite Aussie ‘sceners’ to get to know about their past and experiences in the demoscene
  • Epic VR playgrounds using latest gear thanks to Virtual Immersive
  • We have ‘adopt a noob’ where if you’re new to the whole concept of the demoscene you get paired with someone so you can get into it
  • Secure outdoor area
  • Loads of other fun and games plus lots of space to get your competition entries done if you love to crunch…

So, basically, I have been cramming karate training for grading which is in about 4 weeks and writing code for Flashback competitions into all spare time…


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