Weekly Journal: Week 23, 2019

Last week was kind of huge.

Presenting our work on Declarative Testing at the Open Source Test Automation conference in Melbourne (BOAST19) – which we finally recorded and put on YouTube.

Honoured and super excited to have a new client starting with us last week as well…

Wrote a new article for the newsletter on the ‘social challenges’ of integrating with legacy business software. If you’re not on the newsletter, hey, sign up!

We are recruiting at the moment, so I had a full day of doing phone calls with candidates. It always surprises them that I am the first person to call them. Why waste everyone’s time? I feel like this approach sends the right message: if you want to work at Thinking.Studio and you’re the right person for the job, you’re my number one priority.

Finally, we had the Flashback demoscene event – basically a huge computer art festival over the long weekend. It was nothing short of amazing. Was so great to see everyone come from all over Australia for this event. The guys from Siggraph Asia stopped by as well and it looks like we may be in doing something related to the demoscene in November in sunny Brisbane!

I also spent a lot of time last week working on a kind of ‘wild demo’ project called Quick! Draw! 64! It’s a demo, but it’s interactive. I was hoping to get it done for Flashback, but it’s just not done yet. I am working with some musicians and artists to get it polished and will release it soon… I keep a notes on it’s GitHub page…


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