Weekly Journal: Week 24, 2019

Sometimes it feels like there is so much time in a week – so much is achieved. Others, not so much. I start this week journal initially thinking that last week was so much less eventful than the week before. It felt like a blur as the week was full of scheduled meetings in a short week and I was coming off the intensity of Flashback over the long weekend.

Last week was an investment in relationships.

So, perhaps this journal should be a moment to reflect on relationships:

The best relationships are those where we get to give and receive with grace and integrity.

Those long term friendships where we can pick up where we left off after any period of time are treasured.

Relationships flow as life churns.

I find it interesting when doing sales how it’s like moving from one adventure to the next – new people, new relationships and new challenges that come and go – yet there are some people that just stand out, with whom I would like to keep a connection… like rare gems.

Writing this, I am reminded of all the great people I am blessed to know and care for at work, at play and at home. I may not be the most talkative or social, but you are appreciated.


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