Weekly Journal: Week 25, 2019

Somehow I ended up on the Siggraph ‘demoscene’ design team. Did storyboard for ‘new school’ invite and started putting together an invite for ‘old school’ myself. The guys doing the ‘new school’ invite are all legends at code/graphics/music – so I am humbled that they liked the storyboard. The C64 ‘old school’ invite ended up being just me… so that has consumed some brain cycles thinking about something nice to do and coding it up in some spare minutes before sleep at night.

Thinking.Studio projects are all on the go – so I have been pretty flat out working on both helping to manage some of the existing client projects as well as the usual new business meetings.

Working on a new article for next week – trying not to be too technical, but looking at API development and management challenges for modernising legacy applications. Newsletter out next week – so stay tuned.

I think this coding at night has affected my volume of reading.

Did I mention I am meant to be doing black belt grading this weekend? A few big nights of training last week as well as my daily commitment to training…

Mantra for this week – stay positive. stay focused. breathe.

“ain’t no thing but a chicken wing” – Diamond D


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