Weekly Journal: Week 26, 2019

The routine has been the same for a few weeks, but essentially, working on opportunities and keeping in touch with people, managing or contributing to some of the current projects, and writing during the day, then at night, training for Karate or coding for SIGGRAPH.

Last week we released the monthly newsletter and blog post

SIGGRAPH invitation is in full swing with the PC and C64 versions finally in code. I got memory maps, sprite multiplexer and Spindle working on the C64 version this week. Once the PC guys bought into the concept art I drew for the PC version, they got stuck into code and design and it’s starting to take shape. Deadline is this week!

Finally, Saturday was the Karate grading I had been training for – Black Belt grading! It took ten years to get there with a few physical and mental hurdles along the way…but it’s all about the journey.

The saying that comes to mind now I have achieved this major goal…

“Before enlightenment, fetch water, chop wood.
After enlightenment, fetch water, chop wood.”

I think the thing I noticed this week was how many great people I am blessed to have in my life beyond my family. Gratitude.


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