Weekly Journal: Week 28, 2019

Last week was hell and great all at the same time. I just get so OCD when I write demos. It becomes all I can think about – and yet, I love it. It’s like my brain can see the code working and keeps trying to optimize it. Even this morning I figured out how to do something dramatically better – after I thought I was done!

I was thinking about growing up with a culture of creating rather than consuming. I always preferred to write code than play games. I would watch ‘demos‘ to see what other creators were doing and share inspiration. This mentality of seeing the best of the best and then trying to objectively compare my output with those legends shaped my outlook on life.

I took this mindset with me when I started doing karate 10 years ago. I do it with learning drums. I do it with business.

This practise of self-comparison is mostly humbling. I don’t do it to make myself feel bad – thought sometimes it does – I do it because it is the only way to really grow.

The real challenge is finding a balance – what level do you choose to play at in each of these life endeavours? That stings – because anything less than ‘completely’ feels like a compromise.

Interestingly – the better you get in any of these endeavours, the more complexity you see in the work of those legends you model yourself on – the more you can appreciate their level of excellence. There is no such thing as an objective comparison.


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