Weekly Journal: Week 4, 2019


New Article last week – spent some time to get older posts onto Medium and wrote a new one on the Banking Royal Commission

I got back onto Twitter just a little… I found some useful conversations are happening there.


In the zone again last week refining some data processing modules and building tools to dynamically create training sets. Working on the final touches of an example project I want to write about – but not there quite yet…


This week there was some great reading…

Learning Computer Architecture with Raspberry Pi by Eben Upton

Artificial Intelligence for Humans, Volume 1: Fundamental Algorithms Jeff Heaton

Text Classification using Neural Networks

Report on Text Classification using CNN, RNN & HAN

Understand TensorFlow by mimicking its API from scratch

There was a ton more reading on AI, too much to put here – but I can highly recommend Medium as a place to get great articles on AI.

General Thinking

I was struggling for inspiration last week, so I sent an email to a few clients asking them what was on their minds. Not everyone was able to provide a topic – instead there were some spectacularly great ideas for topics and others just told me why they could not give me a topic.

The overwhelming reason people did not give me a topic was their concerns over the outcome of the Banking Royal Commission – and that was my inspiration for the article last week!

Now that the article is out, the first newsletter for 2019 is due out this week!

Planet X2

It was a long weekend in Australia and I finally, finally, got a chance to sit down and play a game for an hour or so. This is a rare occurrence for me indeed. What did I play? A real-time strategy game called Planet X2 for the Commodore 64 on real vintage hardware. I enjoyed it so much…


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