Weekly Journal: Week 5, 2019


Revised the Banking Royal Commission article I had worked on over the previous week. It’s starting to feel like there is more depth. Not totally done, but getting closer. I had a few more ideas about the future of lending compliance that have not quite made it in there yet.


Last week was rather intense on the code front… I rewrote some chunks of code to improve performance and started using SpaCy for Natural Language Processing. I was impressed… within an hour I had a working solution for generating keywords and with some refinement I was able to get something to production within a day.

I also spent a lot of time on our build and execution pipelines so that they integrate with Anaconda and make the development process much smoother. I will share this on our GitHub page over the next few weeks as I get time.


Did a ton of reading, but nothing new of note – other than starting Gulag Archipelago .

General Thinking

Not much! I was in the zone last week, so not much else to speak of other than getting out the first issue of the Insider Newsletter for the year!


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