Weekly Journal: Week 8, 2019

Last week was mostly spent refactoring Python code to add a set of features that use external data. A little annoying as I had to go through integrating a couple of other search engines before I found a workable solution using Bing Web Search API. It’s super easy to manage (through Azure dashboard) and the performance is excellent. I wrote a little Python wrapper for it and plugged it into our keyword engine and it’s working great.

Meanwhile, I also implemented the graph idea from last week and it worked! The code is probably worth writing an article about as it is too complex to write up all the detail in this weekly journal format. The bottom line was that spending time talking with Gelin lifted the bar encouraged me to look further for solutions.

Gelin back-ported a few modules from v2 of the data science platform to the version I was delivering on and we rendered the output for the client – and that was the week from a code perspective!

Last week was also spent bringing a new channel partner up to speed, so I was looking at our positioning and marketing materials. After going through previous blog posts and the Old Software New Experience white paper, I think I want to come back to that and expand on it. I also submitted a proposal on this topic for the UX Australia CFP.

Enjoyed working with the team to get a few new projects moving along. Exciting stuff and looking forward to working on these…

Finally, I stumbled across a great Linux talk and found a heap more in this channel from the Linux.Conf.au. Watch the videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/linuxconfau2019

Last week was interesting, great start, not so great end due to some personal stuff. I also missed some of my Karate training :(. Overall, felt like it could have been more productive and by the end of the week, I was tired…

Anyway, I’m back. It’s Monday. Let’s do this!


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