Tourism Australia

Strategy, research, design, delivery and ongoing operation


Youth travel through the working holiday visa program already had healthy demand with Australia attracting the highest global search volume. The client wanted to use a reincarnation of the ‘Best Job in the World’ mechanic (which worked to great acclaim in 2009!) to further stimulate the working holiday visa program, however as this would be a global program driven by the federal tourism body, the targets were ambitious…

  • 20% increase in working holiday visas
  • A modest budget of $1.2 million to cover nine countries
  • We needed to deliver over 250,000 expressions of interest with 38,500 video uploads

    Creating a Best Job sequel was going to be a big job: to beat the original meant the bar was set high, especially as the concept was no longer new - merely refreshed by offering jobs across six states and territories to showcase more of Australia.


    • The final number of entries was 612,713, beating the target by 145%
    • A total of 46,117 videos were received, substantially beating the target
    • 367 hours or 15 days of user-generated content was created as a result
    • For 2014 there was a year on year increase of 20% in search volume around ‘working holiday visa Australia’ search terms
    • saw a 202% increase in organic search traffic from working holiday visa keywords over the same period

  • Solution

    The Thinking.Studio team worked with the client, media agencies, Facebook, Brightcove, and Amazon Web Services to design a solution that would be able to handle the massive projected volume of traffic and video uploads - and Thinking.Studio developed a creative and technical solution that satisfied the project criteria.

    As part of the Thinking.Studio delivery process, a series of agile design sprints were undertaken and a detailed user interface prototype was developed. Once the design was approved, a solution was developed over several Agile sprints using the Thinking.Studio Scrum methodology.

    As the development was undertaken, an environment on Amazon Web Services was configured with SSL and an array of production Microsoft web-servers and load balancers to deliver the application with a MS SQL database. This server side code was load tested to handle hundreds of thousands of concurrent uploads on AWS infrastructure. There was also a sophisticated content moderation solution developed that would allow the media agency to review the tens of thousands of videos that were submitted to comply with legal obligations.

    The code was added to the Thinking.Studio Jenkin’s continuous deployment pipeline. As code is tagged in GIT for acceptance testing or release, it was then built, tested, and deployed into the appropriate AWS environments.