Business Intelligence

Strategy, research, design, delivery and ongoing operation


Our client was a financial institution focused on providing value-added services for business banking clients.

How could our client provide high-end business intelligence reporting tools for their small to medium sized business clients?


Thinking.Studio team worked with the client to design a solution that would allow them to import their client's profit and loss statements - and from that, we could provide their customers with a portal that would allow them to compare their performance against other similar businesses. Small business owners could also perform very powerful 'scenario planning' to understand the impact of business decisions on their financial performance - options such as 'adding a new employee', making more sales, changing operating costs or increasing the owner's draw were able to be manipulated with 'knobs and dials' on a single screen - giving the user real-time feedback.

Thinkging.Studio developed the solution based on a completely open-source implementation stack of Rythm and Spring (Java).

As part of the Thinking.Studio delivery process, a series of agile design sprints were undertaken and a detailed user interface prototype was developed and tested. Once the design was approved, the portal was developed.

Thinking.Studio also developed powerful data processing and analytics platform to process large financial datasets using map-reduce.

The technical solution was developed over several Agile sprints using the Thinking.Studio Scrum methodology.

As the development was undertaken, an environment on Amazon Web Services was configured with SSL and a production NGINX web-server that proxies to the Spring application and MongoDB database. A continuous deployment pipeline was set up for the client as part of this process.

As this was the first application to be deployed onto Amazon Web Services, Thinking.Studio supported our client to work through internal technical risk audits and provided supporting documentation to APRA (the regulatory authority) to help fulfil all of its compliance obligations.


The solution was delivered and successfully provided benchmarking and scenario planning for the banks small business customers.

This application was the first cloud-based application deployed by the bank on to Amazon Web Services, and this deployment model is now used across the entire organisation as they move to a cloud-first methodology.

Mobile Banking Application

Integration and delivery


Our client was a financial institution that was developing one of the most ambitious wealth management platforms ever undertaken in Australia.

As development progressed, a key element of the roadmap was a mobile application which was designed by a third party UX design firm.

Our client required expertise to build the mobile application and integrate it into the core banking platform that was still being developed. Further to this, our client required best practices to then provide a scalable approach to mobile application development that they could bring in and maintain in-house.


Thinking.Studio team worked with the client and UX design firm to implement their designs into a working hybrid mobile application for Android and iOS.

Over a series of agile development sprints, Thinking.Studio delivered a mobile app codebase with a robust and scalable build pipeline and continuous integration framework using Karma and Bamboo.

The team were able to work with the in-house engineering team to integrate the evolving functionality of the core banking platform into the front-end mobile application and transition management of the app into the internal engineering team.


The mobile app was successfully integrated into the core banking platform, a continuous integration pipeline was set up and deployed internally, the codebase was transitioned into the internal platform team and the code was used as a foundation for building other mobile apps by the internal platform team.

Mobile Trust Accounting

Strategy, research, design, prototyping


Our client had a strategic vision to create a solution for managing a trust account using a mobile application.


Thinking.Studio team worked with the client to develop a user experience prototype that was fully interactive to demonstrate the concept and to use throughout their software development process.

As part of the Thinking.Studio delivery process, a series of agile design sprints were undertaken and a detailed information architecture mapping out all of the user interactions. Once this was completed, a complete user interface prototype was designed and tested.


The client was able to take the design prototype and begin the software development process with confidence.