Strategy Support

Helping you to bridge the gap between strategy and execution. We provide a direct line of sight between the abstract strategy, implementation, and concrete results.

Thinking.Studio's unique blend of digital strategy consulting capabilities, experience design and software engineering capabilities provides our clients with an unparalleled ability to design and execute their digital strategies.

We are used to working with multiple stakeholders to navigate IT, security and risk, compliance and external industry oversight bodies.

Modern Apps on Legacy Systems

We have deep expertise in developing modern mobile and web apps on existing legacy business systems. Using a combination of our deep expertise in user experience design for business systems, combined with our front-end and high-performance middleware, employees, customers, partners and suppliers can access clean, modern user experiences that they love to use, without needing to redevelop entire business systems.

User Experience Design for Business Systems

Using a combination of agile user experience design combined with lean process analysis we develop measurably more efficient user experiences that customers and employees love to use. We develop seamless desktop to mobile user experiences and back our design with UI implementation engineering specialists.

Team Coaching for User Experience and Agile Delivery (Thinking.School)

Thinking.School Agile coaching is designed to develop a common culture of delivery upon which the entire organisation agrees.

The User Experience Design and Agile Project Management programs developed by Joe Cincotta apply principles from Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Psychology and Engineering to expand the team’s capability.

The outcome of this is real buy-in, with efficient, effective, predictable, and measurable delivery in an environment where teams hold each other accountable.

Research & Development

Thinking.Studio perform research and development including the acquisition of government grants and supporting the development of patents.

We are able to provide rapid development of 'minimum viable product' while building an IP asset (not disposable code).

Integration with Platforms

We have performed integrations with Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Social, Mapping, Strata, Real Estate, Logistics, Insurance, Core Banking, and Accounting systems to name a few. Integrations include:

SAP  •  Xero  •  Reckon  •  IBM Watson Cloud  •  Amazon Web Services  •  Twitter  •  Facebook  •  Instagram  •  Spotify  •  DHL  •  FPMarine  •  UnderwriterCentral  •  Avaloq  •  Rockend  •  Fairfax (  •  Domain  •  PayPal  •  Shopify  •  Securepay  •  eWay  •  Braintree  •  Brightcove  •  YouTube  •  Google Maps