What We Do

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Facilitated solution design workshops
  • Detailed current state and future state system design documentation
  • Detailed requirements “user story” development
  • Systems analysis, mapping and reverse engineering
  • Lean process analysis, waste identification, process reengineering
  • Agile training and workshops

How We Do It

Our unique consultative approach and ability to process extremely complex business processes and environments have made us leaders in turning around ground-breaking architecture and systems design projects quickly.

We repeatedly demonstrate that our multidisciplinary approach to consulting, business analysis and experience design can reduce solution design times by up to 80% compared with a more traditional method of engaging a business analyst, systems analyst and experience designer independently. Furthermore, we have decades of experience in designing innovative enterprise-grade software solutions for startups and corporations in Australia and the United States.

Australian Bank

Our client was seeking to innovate in their business banking space. They wanted to provide multiple value-added services to their business clients that would serve to reduce their operating costs and improve their operating efficiency - while at the same time making the bank an invaluable business partner.

Through background research and a series of solution design workshops, we designed a 'federated ecosystem' - a framework for solutions from multiple vendors to share the common brand and 'look and feel' of the bank while also providing common cloud infrastructure, authentication mechanisms and 'cross-service' communication protocols - giving the bank's clients one cohesive experience.

Once we completed the design phase we went to work on implementation, however, we also supported our stakeholders to get the solution through compliance, technical risk, security audits and APRA regulatory requirements.

The end result was a rock-solid infrastructure and software solution that continues to provide business benefit.


Australian Federal Agency

Our client was looking to design their most ambitious global digital marketing campaign. The challenge was that the campaign's global nature meant it had to work consistently across social networks around the globe - including China, which blocks social media platforms originating from the United States. To further complicate things, users had to upload multiple videos throughout the life of the campaign.

To solve for this challenge, through a series of solution design workshops we fleshed out key challenges such as:

  • all of the user interaction scenarios we wanted to accommodate no matter how the user arrived at our applications
  • the sheer volumes of traffic and how this would affect application performance throughout the life of the campaign
  • issues with large scale manual moderation of hundreds of thousands of videos
  • the problem of scaling to support tens of thousands of concurrent video uploads
  • how to transcode and store hundreds of thousands of videos equating to hundreds of terabytes of data
  • methods to deal with the Chinese market
As the workshops progressed together we designed ingenious solutions for each of these challenges. In the end, these strategic workshops provided our client with the foundations for a wildly successful campaign that was implemented and delivered on time and within budget - while also being able to handle the massive volumes of data and processing required.

Read the full case study here

Start-Up based in the United States

Through a series of solution design workshops, combined with intense research sessions, we were able to help our client pivot their business model and design an innovative technical solution that could integrate into existing eCommerce software and provide a unique benefit and sales uplift to retailers.

Through the course of our work, we developed comprehensive solution design documents which were then used for the establishment of patents as well as for the ongoing implementation of the system itself.