Software development in plain English


Developing software can be complicated and messy.

Between setting a plan, getting the right team together, figuring out what you want and then developing it, a typical project can drag on for months and start to cost a fortune.

At Thinking Studio, we do things a little differently.

The entire development process has been broken down into a science. We have a unique approach to in-depth requirements gathering with collaborative workshops based on Design Thinking methods combined with Lean process analysis.

We then design the solution with you. From this, we provide you with a visual reference of your final product down to the smallest detail. You can use our UX prototypes to test and refine big ideas without big budgets, changes take minutes instead of weeks.

When development starts, the entire process is handled for you by reliable and seasoned developers, not outsourced rookies. We use Agile Scrum methods combined with high-fidelity UX prototypes to write great stories developers can implement making our developers or your developers very efficient.

Over the past 10 years, Thinking.Studio has formulated and refined an end-to-end approach to digital product design that delivers highly effective custom business software solutions with dramatically lower comparative development time.


Work with experts to map out a strategy to bring your vision to life


A working prototype delivered in record time that looks better than most finished products


Your software comes to life, exactly the way you envisioned it. Robust, secure and built for scale


Enjoy peace of mind with 24/7 support and secure cloud architecture

What thinking differently looks like...

What thinking differently looks like...



Freight forwarder cuts costs to grab a new market


Financial Planners get real-time compliance information at their fingertips


Insurance underwriter gets their brokers 10x more efficient

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