One solution.

We excel at delivering digital projects that re-imagine the user experience of existing processes (manual or already digitised) within a corporate environment.

User experience design.
Software integration.
Data science.

Our four-step process clarifies business and customer outcomes. We then combine user experience design, software integration and data science in a practical digital solution that people love to use.


Unpack business strategy into a clear action plan and execute

Understand your current reality: culture, existing technology and data sources

Co-design your future-state


Map human-centred experiences & processes

Design highly detailed and part simulated, end-user digital experiences

Connect existing systems and data to new user experiences


Start with a world-leading agile delivery framework

Design and build working software in short iterations enabling quick feedback loops

Test, measure and adapt each iteration


Build your internal capability around a digital solution

Navigate corporate brand, risk and compliance

Rock solid service delivery and support of your digital solutions

We're At The Convergence of Psychology, Design & Software

Thinking.Studio brings together experts from multiple disciplines with a unified approach
giving you exceptional insights, experiences and engineering

What We Do

Software Engineering

With some of the leading Java and PHP engineering talent in Australia and New Zealand, we have a rich heritage of digital craftsmanship.

Our work has been used in mission-critical projects globally, from banks to the Australian federal government.

We specialise in the integration of existing systems to deliver new customer experiences without the cost or impact associated with redeveloping your core business systems.

We actively support several open source initiatives, especially ACT.Framework which is the industry-leading Java framework delivering better than 5 times the performance of Spring!

Mobile, Tablet & Beyond

Over the last 15 years, we have developed user-interfaces and multimedia experiences across every platform imaginable, from desktop applications to web-applications to mobile apps to full-sized interactive video walls.

Delivery Assurance

We invest in understanding and partnering with our clients to build strong relationships and create great outcomes.

A key focus of this is to design our long-term engagements with clients to include an element of shared risk to align our objectives and provide you with delivery assurance for your projects.

Strategy Support

Thinking.Studio helps clients unpack their business strategy into an achievable execution plan; taking the best solutions from artificial intelligence, big data, process automation and user psychology to align with your strategic intent.

Our unique blend of consulting, experience design, data science and software engineering provide our clients with an unparalleled ability to design and execute their corporate strategies.

We're not content to accept the status quo: Ingenuity, adaptability, and creativity are like oxygen to us.

Experience Design

We use a combination of tools from the worlds of UX design and Lean process mapping to develop user journeys.

Our trademark is collaborative design sprints delivering very high-fidelity interactive prototypes that capture the imagination of both end-users and business stakeholders.

These prototypes are used to communicate the vision to users and stakeholders as well as provide creative direction during the implementation phase.

DevOps & Service Levels

We set up world-class DevOps and support infrastructure for your software.

From real-time quality metrics to continuous automated cloud deployment to containerised production environments.

We collaborate with you to develop service levels that align with your business needs.

New Customer Experiences
Using Your Existing Technology

How can you deliver a fresh, compelling experience for employees, suppliers or consumers without having to rewrite everything? How do you go about developing a new user experience on existing code? Find out how with our whitepaper.


What We're Writing About


Getting Data in the Enterprise

So many organisations today struggle with their data. The world of big data, analytics and predictive modelling is so attractive, yet, the perceived complexity of achieving a data nirvana is so great that data projects either spiral out of control or never start. So how can you get a handle on your current data, whip it into shape and start using it?


Managing Complexity

No matter what industry you’re in, you have to deal with complexity on a daily basis. From the complexity of computer systems you use to get work done, to the complexity of the projects you’re managing – it seems a byproduct of the information age is complexity.


Delivering Results: Software Estimation

More often than not when engaging a software developer there will be a conversation about price:

“Here is what I want. How much will it cost?”

The conversation may be more subtle, or nuanced, but the bottom line is pretty much the same no matter what: A true definition of what is actually being asked for is not very well defined at the point in time a price is being requested.

Where can you go from here?

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